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Samsung Qualcomm synchronous launch smart watch battery is the biggest bottleneck

Watches can take pictures, tape recordings, and read information. Yesterday, Samsung and Qualcomm in Berlin, Germany electronics exhibition, while smart watches released, which also makes this already hot wearable devices continue to heat up. However, the technology industry believes that the battery will be the biggest obstacle to the civilian population of wearable devices.
Samsung watches can be voice controlled
It is reported that the Samsung GALAXY Gear smart watch via Bluetooth and mobile phone Samsung smart GALAXY Note 3 synchronization settings, every time after receiving new messages, mobile phone mail and other news, smart watches will remind the user, and provides a quick preview. According to reports, Galaxy Gear supports the "hand answer" function in the mobile phone only can lift the wrist to answer the phone. GALAXY Gear supports Samsung S Voice voice commands, through the watch, you can adjust the alarm clock, dial the phone and other functions.
The camera mounted on the GALAXY Gear strap comes with a 1 million 900 thousand pixel BSI sensor and autofocus lens, which allows you to shoot low resolution video or 10 seconds long 720p video, and twist your wrist to take pictures.
Samsung GALAXY Gear is in want of perfection, the battery capacity of 315 Ma, and can not be disassembled, the official claimed that has more than 25 hours of time, and now this watch only support the use of Android 4.3 or GALAXY series products. It is said that the watch will be listed in 149 countries and regions in September 25th. But the price wasn't announced at the conference.
Battery is the biggest bottleneck
Chip manufacturers Qualcomm also do not want to miss the opportunity, yesterday in Berlin electronics exhibition launched a smart watch called Toq products.
According to reports, Toq also needs to be used with Android devices. Users download an Toq app from the Google Google Play app store, this smart watch and smart mobile phone Android version 4.0.3 or above operation based on the connection, allowing users to answer the phone, see text messages and reminders, can also control the music player.
According to reports, Toq battery life should be 3 to 5 days, much higher than the Samsung Galaxy Gear day. The product is said to be on sale for $300.
Since this year, with many technology companies launched wearable products, such as SONY Smart, Watch2 Pebble smart watches, Up smart bracelet, Baidu plump hand ring, Geak Watch grand nutshell smart watches and Geak rings, millet smart shoes, wearable device is a large area of the outbreak of growth trend.
However, compared with ordinary watches, the current power consumption of smart watches can only support a few days, Samsung's watch can only support a day. Earlier, millet technology CEO Lei Jun said that the current bottleneck in wearable devices is the battery, electronic technology developed rapidly, but the battery belongs to the field of chemistry, progress can not keep up, and this is the bottleneck of the development of smart phones.

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