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The future of domestic equipment will contain lithium to maintain 30% growth in imported equipment

The industry believes that the lithium battery equipment industry market competition gradually from the past performance and price competition to the competition in the transition, for the enterprise, new technology and differential positioning equipment will become the main trend of market differentiation in the field of equipment.
The advantages of domestic equipment can not only be reflected in the cost performance, in the after-sales service must be competitive. Lithium equipment industry is still in the stage of more market volatility factors, equipment companies should be more prudent, stable performance and quality of their products, a good grasp of the rhythm of the market.
Battery factory and equipment factory around the process, manufacturing safety, manufacturing quality, manufacturing efficiency and enhance the close cooperation, will become the industry's inevitable choice to enhance manufacturing competitiveness.
The industry believes that the development of innovation driven equipment to drive the development of lithium battery technology, lithium industry equipment innovation, the only way close together to make the domestic lithium industry change essentially.
The next few years, the domestic equipment industry will be driven by the downstream market driven, to maintain a steady average annual growth rate of about 30%, and gradually squeeze the market space of imported equipment.

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