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The future of transnational giants to seize the market opportunities for lithium batteries

Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Minister of science and technology, said recently that the state attaches great importance to the development of new energy vehicles. Last year, the national development and Reform Commission, the joint Ministry of science and technology jointly established the new energy automotive expert committee, the new energy vehicles included in the announcement of automotive products. Not long ago, the state promulgated the policy of raising the consumption tax of large displacement cars, which created favorable conditions for the development of new energy vehicles. Thus, the new energy vehicles is one of the important development goals of China's automobile industry.
In the traditional automotive industry development, China has been in the car follow the development trend of the world, in the field of new energy vehicles, can gradually into the ranks of the leader, the battery R & D and production has become one of the most important factors. At present, the main batteries used in new energy vehicles are lead acid batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries. Relevant expert analysis, lead-acid batteries appear first, security is good, but the energy storage effect is very poor, early use more, and now has basically withdraw from the automotive battery market. Compared with lead-acid batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries in storage and life has improved greatly, but the hydrogen produced in the process of charging is easy to explode, and the security risks increase. Lithium battery has obvious advantages in energy density, power density and life. The effect of energy storage is more than 3 times than that of lead-acid batteries, and its life expectancy has greatly increased. It has become the focus of the development of automotive battery industry. Although lithium batteries are also dangerous, safety research has made great progress.
It is understood that transnational giants have long started to take the lead in lithium battery market. Japanese companies have an absolute advantage in battery research and development. SANYO electronics, a Japanese electronics giant, will start producing lithium-ion batteries next year and form a strategic partnership with the Volkswagen group. Last year, Japan's third biggest car maker, Nissan motor, teamed up with electronics maker NEC to invest 12 billion yen in CO producing lithium batteries. TOYOTA also said it would work with Panasonic industries to increase lithium battery production. Recently, the German BOSCH and Samsung Korea invested 50% each to set up a joint venture company, specializing in lithium batteries, is expected from 2011 onwards, lithium batteries will be put into production in large quantities. In addition, GM, Volkswagen and other companies have also begun to develop lithium batteries.
After the face of fierce market competition, the lithium battery production in China is ready. Experts told reporters, although in terms of industrial scale and technical level has a certain gap with Japan, but our country lithium battery technology foundation is better, ahead of other countries. A few years ago, the country began to support lithium battery projects, BYD and other companies have the ability to small-scale industrialization. The country is expected to invest 2 billion yuan in R & D and production of lithium batteries. Around 2010, China's lithium battery industry will increase significantly. The research on China's lithium battery, deputy director of electric vehicle engineering technology center of Beijing Institute of Technology professor Lin Cheng said, at present, domestic research progress of lithium battery is very smooth, especially some achievements have been made in the patent, the battery safety has also made great progress. The bus for the Beijing Olympic Games is the use of self-developed lithium-ion batteries, the effect is very good. This shows that China's automobile battery industry has great potential, the key is that enterprises should pay attention to R & D, and strive for industrialization as soon as possible.

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