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The status and development of lithium battery materials

Merrill Lynch group released a report in December 2007, is expected in 2008 the global economic growth will slow down, next year's global economic growth of 4.7%, the United States and other countries outside the region still economic flexibility.
The cost advantage of China's manufacturing sector will continue to have a cost advantage relative to Japan and South Korea over the next 10 years. As a result, China's economy will continue to grow at a relatively high rate of about 10~20 years.
In such a high-speed development environment, China's capital market has entered a rapid development stage after the realization of full circulation. In such an economic environment and development stage in China, the battery material production enterprises should seize the opportunities for development and make it bigger and stronger.
Power source battery industry is a new industry with great market potential. It is estimated that power batteries will enter a phase of rapid industry within the next 2 to 3 years.
Analysis of lithium battery materials market
1. Fast growing lithium battery market
After nearly 17 years of development, the lithium battery market has formed a large industry. According to the forecast data provided by IIT2007, the lithium battery market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 12% from 2006~2016. In foreign countries, lithium battery enterprises are relatively large companies, its development has been relatively mature, however, these large international enterprises, is still in an effort to expand its scale, and there are still a lot of investment in technology.
It is said that SANYO will further increase its investment in the lithium battery industry in the last 1~2 years, increasing its size by 50%. Sony Corp is also building a new plant in singapore. The Samsung Corp plans to continue expanding its production scale in South Korea in 2008, trying to catch up with SANYO after surpassing SONY.
China's domestic lithium battery manufacturers have developed rapidly, and some of the major battery customers in the Chinese market, such as BYD, ATL and power God, can both be in the international market both in demand and quality. Beek, the second largest lithium battery company in the country, is also trying to improve its quality to enter the international market.
At present, BYD's main business is mobile phone battery business, still can not enter the cylindrical lithium battery market, power lithium battery is in the development stage. However, BYD has almost all international lithium into the famous mobile phone companies, such as NOKIA, Motorola, Samsung, etc.. BYD plans to become the world's largest mobile phone battery suppliers in the year 2008.
The company has imported Japanese equipment, and the main international customer is Motorola. Although the company invested huge, but because of institutional reasons, the pace of development has been slow.
ATL is mainly engaged in the production of polymer batteries. After TDK acquired the company, its business developed more rapidly and entered the high-end market in japan.
Bic Corporation rely on capital operation, in 3~4 years, rapidly expand the scale, in the United States after the listing, the company is now seeking product upgrades, has basically abandoned the low-end steel shell battery production, mainly in the aluminum shell battery main customers for domestic brand mobile phone factory. In addition the company imported complete set of automatic production line of cylindrical battery, the main target customers are Taiwan laptop battery manufacturer (battery assembly), its products are temporarily not to enter the international brand notebook computer factory.
Chinese more than four large companies basically have scale and international large enterprises lithium is similar, but does not currently enter notebook computer batteries and other high-end areas.
The lithium battery is the excellent performance of the battery, but there is a weakness, is the existence of security risks, the last 1 to 2 years, some international giants including SANYO, SONY, lithium and LG Matsushita with the safety complaints, and the formation of a major blow to the. The company has not entered the domestic large-scale lithium battery notebook lithium and lithium power battery field, because of their higher requirements for safety.
2. Market analysis of cathode material cobalt lithium
Due to the lithium battery for higher capacity, higher safety pursuit, accordingly, the material technology and quality level has also put forward higher requirements. In order to meet the requirements, on the one hand is to further improve the performance of LiCoO2, improve the compaction density to improve the battery capacity; on the other hand is the development of new cathode materials, such as the development of high capacity nickel based cathode materials, the development of higher security such as nickel cobalt lithium manganate. But for small lithium battery market, lithium cobalt is still the main cathode material for lithium batteries.
Since this year, due to the high price of cobalt, the proportion of CO substituted by three yuan material and lithium manganate has increased, but it can only be partially replaced. Lithi

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